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This functionnality lets you manage uncompleted responses on survey lists in SharePoint.
Managing the survey list items can be an hassle.
If you would like to list all the responses for a survey (completed and uncompleted ones), there are no real supported way to do so.
That's where this functionnality comes in handy.
It helps you manage the uncompleted responses of a survey by adding a couple of feature and event handlers to the survey lists.
Once installed and activated, you'll notice that a new action item will be available on your survey lists "Manage uncompleted responses" :

By clicking on this new action item, you'll get access to the list of uncompleted responses (there's no supported way to do so without this feature) :

Note that the uncompleted responses list will be populated once the functionnality is installed, meaning that the previous uncompleted responses won't show.
From the pop up you can delete the uncompleted responses or just consult it and warn the affected users that they have to complete the survey.

Please feel free to start a discussion and/or open an issue if you come accross a bug or want to discuss about the techniques I used or an improvement you can think of or a feedback !

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